The modern design concept for home has become the most in-demand requirement in every home interior. Just like fashion and technology, most property owners may want to go out of style most especially when it comes to their houses. Our home is more than a type of structure that shelters us as it stands as our very own sanctuary where we relax, is in peace, every day after a long day of work, school, and other personal activities. That is why choosing the right concept design and mood for home interiors is very important to be done accordingly. In creating a modern home design, many factors need to be considered. That aside from bringing out the best design with a trendy style and modern interior mood, the personality, and lifestyle of the owner should always be considered. With our home interior design Dubai, we can able to showcase our real character, and that is what’s make it even more stylish and unique.

Luxury Antonovich Design is the finest interior design company that offers the widest range of options and designs in all sorts of concepts. And when it comes to modern home design, Luxury Antonovich Design always manages to bring out the finest design execution with the greatest touch of elegance. Every luxury home design that Luxury Antonovich Design develops is featuring its signature style of glam. This is the most remarkable and sophisticated which is known as the Luxury Antonovich Design masterpiece. In this article, let us know how the most prestigious interior design company can develop each home design that requires a modern style concept. Luxury Antonovich Design will boost your knowledge about creating a modern-style home. And unlike your ordinary modern type of home design, Luxury Antonovich Design will be representing one of its greatest design pieces that feature real modernity with the finest touch of elegance.


Modern Home Design has indeed a very interesting mood of style as it offers a flexible approach that creates the home interior more functional and effective design. Luxury Antonovich Design performs the great inspiration in modern home design to achieve the greatest form of function and effective design that will be featuring the owner’s style. Each modern interior for a luxury home is being performed with the most glamorous and exquisite design executions which have been the expertise of Luxury Antonovich Design. Though a modern design concept has very huge branches, each masterpiece that is being performed by Luxury Antonovich Design always emphasizes an extra glamorous design that will always stand out. The use of natural plants creates a great balance in every style that no matter what is the concept design of the interior is, plants will surely enhance the charm and coziness in the house. And when it comes to the modern home interior with luxury design, plants were indeed the best ice breaker towards the design that gives an amazing pleasant mood even the interior is surrounded by an exquisite luxuriousness.


Space Planning

Great balance in style always comes with the proper balance in spaces. Most of the modern home design features a minimalist setting. It enhances futuristic touches of elegance that instead of arranging wide selections of furniture and decoration, selecting the most functional and high definition technologies will surely fill in the needful in every design setting for a modern home design. Futuristic Home is known for having a more functional and effective home designing.

Selection of Furniture

Luxury Antonovich Design is very famous for creating a luxury-modern themed home interior. It specializes in complete design services that offer absolute design executions from A to Z. Having its luxury furniture line – “KA Luxury Brand” has become one of its greatest advantages to accomplishing the most desirable interior setting.

The Use of New Technology

A futuristic home features a set of different advanced technology that makes every interior modernize. Luxury Antonovich Design offers Smart Home System Services for every home that transforms every interior into the finest version in style and functionality. Smart Home System also promotes the most reliable security having controls in CCTV cameras, gates, and doors. Right at your smartphones, Ipads, and tablets, you can manage to control all the systems inside your home such as the lighting, temperature, sounds, and even the full entertainment set for your home theatre. Luxury Antonovich Design also features the Mirror TV that levels up your television experience.

Arrangement of Layout

The futuristic home promotes open spaces which are being formed with a very systematic architectural and interior procedure. Modern houses also have a great sense of uniqueness and sophistication wherein every layout has a minimalist décor arrangement.

The Fit-out Stage

Since that modern type of concept has different forms of styles and variations, it is always a challenging task for every interior designer to perform the right mood of design executions that will meet every design requirement of the owner. Points and ideas that are coming from the owners will be the greatest basis of the mood and style that shall be conducted. Emphasizing the character and lifestyle of the owner in every interior design setting is brought out the great form of uniqueness.

Decoration and final touches

Stepping into a modern house is like entering magnificent art creations. The interior design itself is usually filled with the most wonderful art pieces such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc. When it comes to decoration and accessories, Luxury Antonovich Design always assures us to choose the best art pieces that will be completing every interior mood. Modern homes are recently being decorated with a set of the dramatic mood of style which is being emphasized using metallic materials and hues that perfectly levels up the luxuriousness in style and elegance.